What is talent

Does everyone have a talent? Is everyone good at something? And what if not? Or what if everyone really had a talent and we just couldn’t see it?

We are taught that a talent has to be productive, that you have to be able to make a living out of it, that it is not a talent if it doesn’t add anything to your interpersonal or professional skills.

What is a talent, anyway? Is it something we were born with? A gift? Something we are just good at because we are very interested in it or passionate about it? And what is all the fuss about the word “talent”? Who cares if we don’t have any talent, if we are just here to be.


It seems to me that people get attention because of what they can or cannot do instead of because of what they really are. As a result of this distorted way of thinking, real people are left out, as they are way too smart to comply with the perform-till-your-last-breath attitude, and I-regret-every-choice-I-made-in-my-life-but-at-least-I-have-money individuals emerge and make their sad way to the top.

In my eyes, everyone has a talent. Everyone is good at something. People are worth because of who they are, because of how they think and how they feel and because of their ability to love and care and not because of how hard they work or what results they deliver. The way someone makes you smile and laugh out loud, talks, holds your hand and hugs you when you are crying, knows how to care and feel and love and be there. That is what talent really is (to me). And I want to be surrounded by people who have such talent and I wish I had it myself at all times.


The best recollections I have at work are the moments spent having fun with my colleagues, laughing about how messed up our company was, taking a coffee break and telling each other what we had done over the weekend or (only once, I promise) missing a plane to go see a customer and then having the worst and funniest day ever trying to catch another plane and getting lost in the faraway snowy Bavaria because of a GPS that wouldn’t detect the Munich airport close-by. This is what I want to take with me of my previous work experiences and colleagues. We shared our days and sorrows. And I loved them. And I still do. For you don’t need to be close to someone to love him/her.


My current work environment has been a positive surprise, as I had not expected to find people like that again and to be able to share something more than just work. Even if, I had gone there to work and at times I really feel like a workaholic compared to them. No matter how much you like your job, no matter how much they pay you or how far you will go, you cannot do without people and their warmth (still, you can always do without the wrong people, remember that) and you will go nowhere alone.



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