… and I said yes!

I posted this one some months ago, but because most of my friends are foreigners (I have always liked foreigners and the way they look and are different from me. I love differences, I really love them!), I want to make these posts readable for them, too, so I decided that, from now on, I will write both in Italian and English. English has always been my favorite foreign language after all, so why not. I remember being 14 and translating all the stories I used to write (yes, I happen to be a writer, too) into English, then submitting them to one of my best school friends, Jo, who is half British, to have her check on them. Well, it did not last long, as it was really tiring for me and exhausting for her, but I became a translator in the end (no wonder)! And here I am, telling the story of how, less than one year ago, I quit freelancing to embark on a new challenge in a company (again).

Yes, I said yes to a job proposal.


Me, who had decided never to work for a company again, never ever. Well, I changed my mind. A choice I am now happy with. A decision that changed everything. And this is something I wrote back then, I mean before making the decision and while making the decision. Yes, that decision I am talking about, the one that changed everything. Are you following me?

Choices that change everything…

There is something I hate more than waking up earlier than 8 o’clock in the morning and that is making decisions.


Making decisions is really hard for me, because I know that, no matter what, I will never know what I missed out / would have found on the other side. And I will never know if I would have been happy or happier if I had made up my mind for something different. Still, I have the feeling, no matter what you decide, life will always find a way to make you meet your destiny.

Having said this, I am about to make an important decision: I was offered a job as Italian copywriter (note of the author: this happened in March 2017) at a Spanish company that is expanding on the Italian market and whose products I adore. It would involve copywriting products, social media messages, newsletters and working on marketing campaigns as well as editing life-style content for their blog. And I also managed to pass their initial initial writing test, which means I am in for the main job interview during which I will be officially asked if I want the job. It is really exciting and I would really like to take this challenge.

On the other hand, you should know that I have been freelancing as a translator, copywriter and teacher of English and German for the last year and it was my dream to run my own business. I have students I teach to, people I now know and who have been working with me for quite some time, I have projects I want to keep working on, I have more projects on my mind, which makes the choice very hard, because the company will only hire me and not allow me to freelance for them.


So, do I really want to give up my own business and go back to working in a company??? (Because of how important this question is, I felt like it deserved 3 question marks) I have to give my feedback by today and I am not sure I am ready. Maybe this is why I felt like sharing this. Even if, well, we both know I have already made up my mind.

Back to the present… Well, in the end I said yes, of course. You know, working as a writer has always been my dream, I only studied translation because I love foreign languages (I ended up learning five + my native language) and I wanted to be able to write in English and other languages, too, at some point in my life. That’s how I’ll be able to communicate with all my friends, including the virtual ones, all over the world. Now I have a salaried job as full-time copywriter, I miss freelancing and I also know that the only way to successfully go back is to make the best of my current experience and learn as much as I can. And I really am learning a lot, more than I could ever imagine.

I am not so sure where I am going yet, but I am pretty sure that life already does.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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